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IT and businesses need to speak the same language in order to properly communicate and work in unison. Voonyx acts as an interface that enables this relationship through the use of software packages, specific architectures and customized development.
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Do you want to change the direction of how you use technology? Are you looking to overhaul your IT system, utilize new software or implement a software solution? Work with us and take advantage of our expertise.

Quality Assurance

If your systems need to operate flawlessly and your business cannot wait any longer, consider our expertise and approach to quality assurance for your project needs. Here’s what we can do to boost the quality and reliability of your IT: implement a specialized quality management team with an “Agile” approach, automate functional and integrated testing (regression and non-regression), automate load and performance testing, quality and performance metrics, and automate deployment and continuous delivery.

Insurance Technologies

Voonyx is the leader in implementing Guidewire; the renowned insurance software suite that includes PolicyCenter, Claim Center, Billing Center, Contact Manager, Portal Quote and Buy, DataHub, and Info Center. Whether you require project planning, strategy, architecture, design, customization, integration, maintenance or upgrades, we’ve got you covered. We also have solid expertise in the Exigen suite (EIS). Voonyx provides innovative, customized strategies and solutions to meet your needs, regardless of your project’s complexity. What’s more, we can support your organization whether you decide to completely replace a solution or integrate a software package into existing systems. There are no limits to what we can help you to achieve!

Customized Development

Voonyx specializes in selecting, developing and integrating customized solutions. We provide a wide array of services, including: developing robust architecture, Agile Project Management (SCRUM), analysis, software development lifecycle (SDLC) implementation and optimization, consulting, programming, quality assurance and testing. Throughout your entire project, you will benefit from the software engineering industry’s best practices. We won’t reinvent the wheel: we have mastered the Java ecosystem’s most popular and most reliable free and Open Source Software and we use it as needed in order to focus on your business protocols.

Functional Analysis

Depending on your business objectives, we can carry out thorough or partial functional analysis as well as integrated testing. We can also provide effective solutions for your expansion projects. You can rely on our highly skilled and seasoned experts.

System Integration

There are no problems, only solutions. Here’s what we can design and implement for your business: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Java/JEE/Spring technologies, continuous integration/delivery, cloud development, and all Java-based software.

Emerging Trends

At Voonyx, we consider “Big Data” as an unlimited potential for increasing your productivity. We also believe that selling your products and services online is a massive opportunity to boost your revenue and reduce your costs.

Our team will oversee your project so that you can integrate “Big Data” and other technological trends of tomorrow to overcome your business challenges.

Québec City experts in Java, business software, and insurance software integration.

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Our ultimate goal is to ensure the long-term business success of our clients. We are known for our leading expertise, exceptional responsiveness, diverse resources, proven track record and knowledge of all leading technologies. We support our clients through strong interpersonal and communication skills as well our ability to explain and address complex technology concepts.

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Wonderful open-mindedness without judgement. At Voonyx, everyone is free to
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We build trusted relationships with our clients by meeting their deadlines, addressing their IT challenges and accommodating  their budgetary needs.

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